Global contractor services.

✓ Payroll for contractors
✓ Work permits
✓ Relocation services
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Do you need global contracting services?

If you are preparing yourself for an overseas job contract, you could use global contractor services. We know how exciting and stressful it can be to start a new job as a global contractor. A new country, a different culture, sometimes away from your family. On top of that, there are all these things you need to know about different regulations and laws so that you can work compliant. For that, Parakar provides umbrella global contracting services in our focus countries. We’ll take care of these services, while you focus on what you do best: your job!

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From payroll solutions to work permits.

When you’re going to work abroad, you have to think about a lot of stuff. That’s why the global contractors services is the ideal solution. We provide payroll solutions and work permits in a package. With 25 years of experience, we make sure you’re always working with the right work permits and the best contracts. 

Next to that, we take the billing off your hands and convert that into a tax-optimized payslip and timely payment. Both you and your client can fully focus on the job, knowing Parakar covers all the requirements in our global contractors services!

Ready? Here we go!

Ready to pack your stuff and embark on a new carreer? Parakar is your ultimate guide if you’re planning on working abroad. Do you want to know more about our global contracting services and what services will fit you best? We’re happy to tell you everything about our packages. At the same time we want to hear all about your wishes. Fill out the contact form below or check out our contact page!

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