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Is Europe your destination?

Then let us power your European mobility!

In today’s rapid and globally widespread markets the need for cross-border personnel solutions to ensure transnational operations becomes more and more vital. Whenever there is a need of human resources for specific projects the services of Professional or Global Employment Outsourcing companies ensure the fulfillment of these needs.

If your business is destined for Europe, Parakar Europe is well positioned to be your partner in this domain.





  • We ensure compliance all the way, helping you navigate the challenges of day to day business as well as the rules and regulations on a federal or regional level 
  • While you focus on your business – expanding and entering new markets – we take care of all HR and payroll related matters
  • We share our knowledge, best practices and 15-plus years of experience to ensure your business has a solid foundation that can be built on
  • We are the personal contact for all your needs and those of your employees, making them feel comfortable so that they can focus on their tasks

Work & Residence Permit Processing


Legal & Accounting Affairs

Local Housing




Our umbrella offers an all-embracing set of services, so that you can get your consultants on-site at your foreign clients without any difficulties. We can act as host-employer for the duration of the assignment as well as arrange work and residence permits, take care of payroll and insurances etc.

Our experience in expat HR-management makes the delivery of your consultants or services on-site just as transparent as any local supplier.

Parakar is present in the business centres of the Netherlands, Germany and Ireland. In many other countries we deliver our services through a strong partner network. Over the years we have helped numerous companies deliver their services across Europe, organizing their employment migration for them.

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