Fraud Blocker Whitepaper – EOR vs. your own entity: Comparative analysis

Whitepaper – EOR vs. your own entity

In the world of workforce management, the Employer of Record (EOR) and owning your entity represent contrasting approaches. Our whitepaper delves into their distinct advantages and disadvantages, aiming to clarify their fundamental differences.

Understanding the landscape

EOR involves partnering with a third-party to manage employee-related tasks, while owning your entity grants full control over workforce management and brand establishment.

EOR streamlines administrative tasks and offers global access but has limitations like benefit restrictions. Entity ownership provides autonomy and potential cost-effectiveness but involves complexities and increased risk.

Choosing the right approach

Deciding between EOR and entity ownership depends on business objectives, budget, and the appetite for handling administrative duties.

Transitioning from EOR to your entity requires careful planning, considering reasons, steps, challenges, and risk mitigation strategies.

Strategic partnerships for international expansion

Professional Employment Organizations (PEOs) and EOR services simplify international expansion but require the right in-country partner for seamless transitions.

This whitepaper aims to comment on the EOR vs. entity ownership dilemma, offering insights and strategies for successful transitions and international growth in a concise manner.

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