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The Netherlands:

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Currently no vacanies. 

  • Would you like to start your career in a versatile Human Resource role?
  • Would you be a perfect fit for a young, vibrant European team?
  • Do you want to work in a dynamic design office in Cologne?

About Parakar.

The Parakar Group offers a wide spectrum of service solutions, all on the employment-management side of international business. Our focus is on outsourced HR- and payroll management, where we host our foreign client’s local employees on our payrolls. These can be local or EU Nationals, or non-EU nationals for whom we also manage a lot of their Expat-requirements, workpermits, etcetera.

We operate for many years already in Ireland, the Netherlands and Germany, and are starting in France and Spain at the moment. Our clients are located around the globe- from Sydney to Hong-Kong and Los Angeles. For them we provide employment services, making sure that their employees can start on assignments in the designated countries care- free. Same applies to foreign employees starting at local Dutch companies.

Due to our strong growth over the past year, we are searching for team members for our Cologne office. Preferred start date: As soon as possible. We offer a very flexible working environment, including the option to occasionally work from home.

About the job.

You analyse, advise and manage the different contextual views and expectations on labour law, employment terms and conditions, as well as benefit packages whilst connecting with our foreign clients and local employees. You pragmatically work to bring them together in the form of compliant, manageable and mutually satisfactory employment solutions.

A typical day might include:

  • Advising foreign clients on how we can translate their sometimes out-of-the-ordinary employment requirements into compliant local implementations, often in cooperation with our tax advisors or lawyers. Both in onboarding and offboarding contexts. 
  • Implementing the outcome of that in employment contracts and managing these employees’ administrative onboarding.
  • Planning projects with your teammates, often communicating via Skype, as we work closely with our team in Breda (NL), Paris (FR), Barcelona (ES).
  • Learning all there is to know on German employment relationships- after a year with us you will be a HR Pro, guaranteed (if you are not already one).
  • Supporting expats with their workpermit processing, opening of bank accounts, setting up health insurance and settling-down processes- you interact with all the stakeholders.

This is your job if: 

  • you are a self-driven, service-oriented, interactive and multi-tasking team-player.
  • you can thrive in a dynamic, rapidly growing and constantly changing environment.
  • you are willing to learn more about the often-complex HR-, payroll and immigration regulations or the tax system.
  • you are attentive to details regarding work, tasks and loose ends, and act pro- actively on things that could be improved, rather than complain.
  • given the global time zones our clients work in and the multinational and -cultural background of our clients or employees, your flexibility and empathy have no borders.
  • you are fluent in English (the company’s language) and German, both spoken and written.


  • You have a number of years of relevant HR- or Payroll-professional experience, matching the Senior-/Medior position you desire.

  • You can immediately be one of our subject-matter experts on German HR- and payroll matters.

  • You are open minded to different approaches of work, and able to apply everything you know about HR and Payroll in a German context, in a totally different context and process model.


  • You have at least a bachelor’s degree

  • The relevant experience is less of a requirement: but we do expect you to be willing and ambitious to learn rapidly, and to grow into a medior- or senior- role.

You might ideally also:

  • be able to communicate in a 3rd language.
  • have a background in more than only the German HR- and payroll context or jurisdiction.
  • have some sort of international business background, by education or from experience and are willing to strongly increase that- job experience is not necessarily required!

Yes, give me the job!

Send us your CV in English and a short explanation on why you see yourself qualified and motivated for the position as well as your possible start date and salary expectation.

Please send your e-mail to Johan Opperman via


  • Would you be a perfect fit for a young, vibrant, fast growing, pan-European team?

  • Do you want to work in the dynamic context of global employment outsourcing?

About Parakar.

The Parakar Group is an employment services organisation offering a wide spectrum of solutions in the domain of globally outsourced HR- and payroll management. We offer solutions to companies and individuals to compliantly engage in employment relationships that not only cross continents and cultures, but also help bridge statutory and employment-legal context. Our services range from outsourced employment management, including International HR- and payroll accounting, work permit process management to relocation services, among others.

Our clients, based on all continents, want to employ staff in Europe. From our local organisations in (for now) 5 countries, we provide ‘Employer of Record’ (EOR)-services, making sure that those employees can carefree and compliantly work for them, also in countries where they do not have their own establishment. For the employees, we make sure they are properly taken care of in their country of work, even though their formal employer is based abroad, often on another continent.

We have 20 years of experience in this domain, and in the past 4 years our business has more than 10-folded in every aspect. We presently cover Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, France and Spain, with entities and offices in most of these countries, and do not rule out near-future expansion to more countries.

To help manage and grow our operations we are now searching for an experienced International Human Resource & Payroll Consultant, to be based in the Paris region.

About the job.

Ultimately, you will be responsible for managing all our French HR & payroll services for our mostly non-European client companies. You will advise and help them translate their foreign HR policies into employment agreements with their selected employees in France. Acting as our client’s HR-department in France, you will make sure the employees feel equally at home with us, as they would be with any local employer.

Also, you will advise and actively support our clients and their expats in all relevant aspects of labour-related immigration, work- and residence permits and relocation.

You will be a solid sparring partner for our management and colleagues around Europe, in the field of international HR management and employment outsourcing. You will work closely with colleagues from our headquarters in The Netherlands and subsidiaries in various other European countries, as well as with strategic business partners in all time zones around the globe. You will also be our interface to our French business partners in the domain of payroll, accounting and legal matters. 

This is your job if:

  • You hold a relevant bachelor’s degree or have the equivalent experience and mindset.

  • You are a practical expert in France’s employment law and have working experience as a HR specialist, ideally in the domain of flexible, contracted or indirect employment (Portage, Interim, Professional Employment Outsourcing, Temp work) or in contractor/consulting services.

  • Our ideal candidate knows the French laws and regulations regarding flexible/indirect employment, payroll and work permits. You have a full understanding of the entire employment lifecycle in all its aspects and can implement and manage these.

  • Alternatively, you would be suitable, if you can reflect on multiple years of work experience in one or more of these domains and have the ambition to become an expert in all of them in the future.

  • You are attentive to processes and minute details regarding your work, as well as your tasks given to you, and you know how to tie up loose ends. Dealing with multiple HR tasks simultaneously does not impose a problem for you. Your mindset is open and flexible enough to familiarize yourself with processes that may be very different than those which you were used to. Moreover, you act pro-actively on internal processes which could be improved.

  • You have an excellent command of the French and English languages, both spoken and written.

  • Given our global work environment and the multicultural backgrounds that you would be dealing with daily, it is important that your flexibility and empathy know no limits.

Our offer:

  • An above-average salary
  • A very motivated and pleasant working atmosphere, working from our headquarters in a monumental building in Breda
  • An initial training in our existing operations in Netherlands and/or Germany
  • A lot of international contacts and exchanges with / travel to the other offices (Breda, Barcelona, Cologne, Dublin).
  • The option to become the leader of the team in France that we hope you can help us grow.
  • All the means and facilities you need to properly do your job (office space, mobile phone, laptop).

Yes, give me the job!

Send us your CV (in English) and a motivation letter (in your language of choice), explaining why you see yourself the best qualified and motivated candidate for the position. Don’t forget to mention your possible starting date, and feel free to mention your expectations.

Direct your e-mail directly to our management via


Currently no vacanies. 

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